MASKS RI is an online platform to connect designers, makers and manufacturers of non-medical masks and cloth face covers with potential buyers.

By collecting information on suppliers and buyers, we'll help coordinate the best purchase and fulfillment options locally.

How Masks RI Works

The MASKS RI platform acts as a connector between buyers and suppliers of the array of non-medical grade masks and face covers. Here’s how it works:

  • Designers, makers and manufacturers will share information on their products, availability, costs and fulfillment timeline.
  • Buyers will share information on their buying needs, most especially quantity and any technical needs.
  • MASK RI will share access to the list of suppliers with buyers. As the list grows, updates will be sent regularly.
  • Buyers will reach out to suppliers directly to initiate the transaction, using the contact information and/or website links provided by the supplier.
  • Suppliers will process and fill the orders, handling all tracking, shipping and fulfillment.

Given the range of supplier capacity – with maximum orders anywhere between 50 to 5,000 and fulfillment times ranging from days to weeks – buyers may find the quickest way to get the quantity they need is by ordering with more than one supplier.


Suppliers of Masks and Face Covers:

Fill out our supplier form to tell us about your mask and face covers, availability, and more. We will share your info with our list of buyers.

Buyers of Masks and Face Covers:

Fill out our buyer form to tell us how many masks you need and any technical needs. We will share with you a list of suppliers.